About Us

Clive’s Country Gardens is a gardening and soft landscaping service based in Cullompton, Devon. Our aim is to offer a first class gardening to all of our customers, we do this promoting sustainable values and putting pride

at the heart of every element of our service.

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WE ARE COMMITED TO THE ENVIRONMENT! In this line of work you tend to appreciate the value of nature... we spend a lot of time in it! Because of this we take great care in practicing green gardening principles.

WE LOVE ORGANIC! We use organic gardening techniques, this means no pesticides, no herbicides or weed killers. We prefer to use natural methods which are better for the garden habitat and the environment.

DEVOTED RECYCLERS! We are committed to recycling everything we possibly can and offer a service to take away and recycle your waste and ensure that all green waste is composted!

PERMACULTURE?! Permaculture is a way of gardening that uses the mechanical controls we see in natural ecosystems. We mimic nature’s own checks and balances to create healthy systems in your garden that thrive with minumum intervention. As we work with, rather than against nature it is a very low maintenance and cost effective way of gardening.

WE SUPPORT THE LOCAL COMMUNITY! We partner and link with local suppliers to help support other local businesses. And we volunteer and sponsor community projects. If you are interested in becoming a local supplier or have a project you need help with then we'd love to hear from you! 



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Clive Aubury

I started off studying arboriculture at College and then spent many years working in gardening and landscaping. Since starting Clive's Country gardens I have made it my mission to promote sustainable gardening, and I have built the business around these values.

Gardening to me is about looking after nature, through the work we do I aim to have a positive impact on the client and on their garden.  I like to see the progress and change on a project and offer a service which is not only good for our clients but is good for nature and for the local community too!


More About Us...

We work to a very high standard and believe that customer satisfaction is paramount. We are proud to say that we do very little advertising and that most of our work comes from previous customers and via word of mouth recommendation.


We supply all of our own equipment and tools and are fully insured so you can rest assured that everything is taken care of.

Although our gardeners are based in Cullompton and Mid Devon we are more than happy to go further afield to meet your requirements.

We can provide you with garden design services throughout Devon as we work closely with Natural Design Studio. Find out more about how Natural Design Studio creates sustainable gardens by following the link to the website -